AI Racing

Virtual cars on a virtual racetrack

This week, I started working on a new project. The goal is to build an AI model that can race virtual cars around a virtual track and so far, I have managed to get the model to consistently drive around a simple track.

Moving forward, I'd first like to design a track builder to help me more easily create new and more complex tracks to test the model on. Following this, I will focus on making the simulation of the cars and tracks slightly more realistic by accounting for grip and downforce. I'll then train the model to lap the tracks as fast as it can.

Next, I'll train the model to race side by side with other cars then apply the model to multiple cars and have these cars compete against each other on different tracks. Each car would use reinforcement learning to try to gain an advantage over the other cars.

Also, I'm sure I'll improve the graphics as I continue to work on the project.

April 25, 2024