Stock Market Investing

I first got into investing about three years ago, when I bought into a fund. Yet it was not until November last year that I started stock picking. This was something I knew I eventually wanted to do and at that point I deemed that I had only developed my theoretical knowledge and could potentially gain a lot more insight into the market by becoming a participant. Since then I've been able to establish a workflow, refine my investing thesis and uncover some great resources.

In more recent times, I have been active in the Nigerian financial markets. I have had to collect data to track key metrics and guide my decision making. I have also developed tools to help me better manage the data I collect. These tools were generally basic excel spreadsheets and python scripts but over the recently concluded easter break, I coded up the framework for a web app that allows me to manage, visualise and analyse my data. Even in its infancy, the app is already showing good promise with regard to its ability to improve my workflow.

April 03, 2024